Miss Demeanor (Slapped Happy) – FacialAbuse – 5 July 2021

Kali Danes 3 (Brand New Bolt Ons) – FacialAbuse – 26 June 2021

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Ghetto Gaggers 2020 -2021 Update

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Slave Mouth1

Opal 2 (Damsel In Distress) – FacialAbuse – 20 March 2021

Here she is making fun of her boyfriend while getting pounded. She says, “I hope you cry watching this!” Sounds to me like they could benefit from some counseling, but…

FaceFucking – FacialAbuse – Ghetto Gaggers

Ladybug 3 (Black Ass Matters) – GhettoGaggers – 16 March 2021

This one is always pleasant because she's funny, and she can take a throttling good. She rarely complains and let's you fuck her in any hole. She drinks yellow discipline…

Deep Dicked – FacialAbuse – 14 March 2021

This one was overwhelmed from the rip. Dicks shooting yellow piss into her mouth, her yakking it out, slaps coming in from all angles, she was owned. She just gave…

Brooke Lyn Rose & Nadia White (6 Holes 4 Tits 2 Hoes) – Facial Abuse – 6 March 2021

Removing your cock from one whores rectum and placing it into another whores mouth is top fucking. These two are messy and don’t care about getting dirty. They jump down…

RayRay (Ruined Rectum) – FacialAbuse – 28 February 2021

This girl can take it in the ass like a pro--even past the point of pain, she can still take a thrusting, throbbing dick deep in her derrière whilst holding…

Amica Mae 2 (Her Ass Got Got) – GhettoGaggers – 21 March 2021

  Two white dicks pounded that black ass. She shivered and moaned with discontent as the deep dick was in her colon. When it was removed from her bowels she…