Tit torture and Humiliation

The Pig – The Pear Of Anguish

Cupcake SinClair – Straight Jacket Torture

Cupcake SinClair – Barn Bullwhip Bitch

Cono – Humiliated Cunt

BM Wednesday – She Made The Whips For Her Own Torture

BM Lilah Rose – Broken Cane

BM Greyhound – Ring The Bell

BM Elle – Bullwhip Hell

BM Kitty – Light The Bitch Up

Lilah Rose – Hurt Those Tits

Lilah Rose – Tortured

Lita Lecherous New Meat

Cupcake Sincler – Strappado Agony

Missy – Work That Ass

BM Angel Kinght – Dripping Hot Wax Torture

Cupcake SinClair – Halloween Bloody Beating

Leahnim – Pain Ring

Greyhound’s Brutal Pony Training

  It was a hot day at The Ranch, a scorcher we call them, and Greyhound had already suffered, a lot. But that really makes no difference, as you will…