BrutalMaster – Peril – All About The Pain (01.28.23)

For Peril, it is truly all about the pain, perhaps agony would be the better word. This is a cunt who truly needs to suffer and clearly loves to suffer publicly for your amusement. Who are we to deny her?

Imagine being in her place, in the damp, cold dungeon naked save for some hooker heels (she brought with her), strung up in chains and knowing something is going to happen soon, but not knowing exactly what. Someplace along the way, clamps with bells wound up on her nipples, increasing her degradation; every movement brought about a tinkling sound reminding her of her situation. A ball gag brought the whore-drool for more humiliation.

And then the beating started.

You can see its aftermath on the slut’s lovely ass, but you really need to hear the noise she makes to understand the depth of her punishing agony.

After all this, she can still (painfully) sit down for an interview to explain just what all this means to her.

For Peril, it is truly All About The Pain.

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