Lupus Pictures whipping castings

Lupus Pictures is a perfect Czech studio of BDSM spanking videos located in Prague. Previously named Rigid East, they are known for their period clothes and uttermost torture punishments (in regular it’s canings). Their valid name, Rigid East, was perhaps a wrong version meaning “Strict East”. Their BDSM torture videos divided into three main parts: historical time videos, present-day stories, and freakish fancy. Some of the periods in their BDSM films devoted to the Stalinist time.

Several of their BDSM torture videos feature American BDSM caning actress Niki Flynn, she was the first to shoot with them among Western actress. She also destroys the wrong public opinion existing about Lupus – as if the Czech BDSM actors were going without foods and so they would do all for a little piece of nutrition, even undergoing anguished BDSM torture of a heavy thrashing. Lupus shoots BDSM films with in ordinary Man to Fem and Fem to Fem corporal BDSM torture penalty themes featuring with extreme canings. The BDSM torture films are mainly in Czech language, accompanied with English subtitles.


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