Superior Sister SPH Faggot Brother with Abigail Dupree

Slave abigail is trained and tasked to please others as part of her devoted service to her Master. Although degrading and dominating others does not come natural to her, she does a fantastic job, a task well done. Here is the fantasy: Hi, Abigail. I’d like a clip like ur big sis⁄lil bro clips. In those clips u tend to look off-screen and not directly into the camera, but I’d like for u to look directly into the camera throughout this clip as if u are looking directly at him. Same theme of sis humiliating her lil bro, berating him for perversely spying on her as she fucks her black boyfriends and bbc dildos, instead of paying her to watch. I’d like for the verbal humiliation to be very brutal throughout. Harsh SPH throughout. My trigger word is the word “faggot.” So please use this word as much as possible with each insult (i.e. tiny dick faggot, cum eating faggot, sissy faggot loser, etc). Cum eating is also a theme I’d like for u to include. Force your lil bro to lick up the precum from his tiny prick as he watches u fuck the bbc dildo. I’d also like for u to use the apparatus that u use in “Dominant Sister Ridicules Brother” that pulls ur piercings apart, keeping ur pussy lips spread. Also include the BBC theme of how you only fuck black guys, not tiny dick white faggots like your lil bro. Talk about making him clean up the mess like a cum eating faggot the next time u catch him peeking through ur door. Faggot insults like that throughout. So the idea is that your bro isn’t really gay, he just has a tiny dick and is a pervert for his big sister. So u make him pay u to watch, eventually handing him a used condom full of cum from your black bf that you force him to jerk his tiny load into and guzzle down. tags: taboo, female domination, Verbal Humiliation, small penis humiliation, erotic goddess, orgasm denial, JOI, humiliation, small penis humiliation, masturbation instruction, CBT Instruction, Extreme Domination, Femdom POV, BDSM Instruction Cock Tease CBT Masturbation humiliation, sub training, Masturbation Encouragement, Verbal Humiliation, Cock Tease, Jerk Off Instruction, Mental Domination, submissive male.

2018 | MP4 | Full HD | 1920×1080 | 00:40:49 | 2,08 GB


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