Infernal Restraints – Cane Rain Rain Degrey Cyd Black

QueenSnake – Puppy – Jeby – 12 December 2020

Jeby has already proved us that she was a very good, obedient puppy when I made her crawl in the nettle field. This time she could try the classic puppy…

Greyhound – On The Ladder In The Dungeon

QueenSnake – Flabby Abby – 3 October 2020

Abby hates her flabby belly horribly, on the other hand it is conveniently usable to nail her down to a wooden beam. So I took my favorite hammer and drove…

QueenSnake – Nailed Labias – Abby – 21 November 2020

Finally Abby's pussy nailing wish came true. She was so eager to do it for so long time. Although she thought that her outer labia's would be nailed to a…

Kinky Core1586

Real Time Bondage – Questions Nicki Blue Pt 1 – 3

QueenSnake – Tension Test ~ Nazryana – 5 September 2020

I used Narayana as the main part of a home-made quality check machine that was developed for checking the quality of different kind of panties by applying tension to test…

Electric Shock Fear Test With Abigail Dupree

QueenSnake – Pinned Butterfly – 8 August 2020

Jessica’s huge inner labia’s are like a beautiful butterfly, I must have pinned it down with a bunch of medical needles. Before doing so I spanked her butts and tits…

The Ladder – Rachel Greyhound, BrutaL MaSter

Night24 164

Night24 271b

Night24 192

QueenSnake – Harp – Holly – 18 April 2020

  This is an other episode of the Harp series with Holly and Jessica. We used the same rubber bands as in the previous Harp movie with Abby but these…

Fatima Brutal Part 2

RTB-Catherine Desade

QueenSnake – Walking on Abby – 6 June 2020

  I think Abby is hands down the most masochistic of all of my girls. To test how hardcore she really is I wanted her to endure the thumbtack studded…

Graias – The Journalist

ElitePain The Inquisitor 2