Carmen Rough Beaten Bitch

She may be now to HELL!, but there is no denying she truly understands she needs to suffer. As she puts it, she is very broken and needs to be punished for that.

This is Carmen Rough, as in, she needs it rough as you can see by the cruel welts on her thighs. But welts are just the beginning. This is a real piece of meat, from her heart tattooed nipples to her ginger ponytails.

In this session, the slut was bound to the see-saw to be worked over. BrutalMaster paid particular attention to her thighs and legs, but there was much more suffering beyond those areas. She started out dressed, like an absolute public whore, but the clothes did not last long. Just long enough to illustrate what a slut she is.

From there, as she got wetter and wetter, the beating began and only intensified until the cunt was screaming, just as she should be.

As a side note, this bitch is also incredibly cute which makes all the more fun to watch her destroyed under torture.

Remember, this piece of meat traveled to HELL! specifically to suffer, and suffer, and suffer.

That’s because Carmen Rough it just a Beaten Bitch.