Cono Medieval Torture

So we are clear, Cono comes to HELL! with only one request, that no matter how much she begs, she does not want the torture to stop. It is a simple request from a bitch who understands what she deserves; keep the torture going. Think of it like this, even a mindless piece of shit like Cono understands her only purpose on earth is suffering.

You would not want to be Cono in this situation, no one would, except maybe someone who just lives to see fuckholes suffer.

Speaking of suffering, Cono suffers like the fuckhole bitch she is. Stretched on a board similar to medieval torture racks. The cunt is beaten with a cane and a strap. She begs, but guess what? No mercy. This cunt has the perfect body for abuse and that is exactly what she gets in HELL!