Cunt Electric

A truly horrific day for Slave Cunt; the bitch is strung up on an ancient ladder in the dirty old barn. There is a sense of incongruity as she is standing on her fashionable high heels, wearing a punishing corset and hooded so she is even more dehumanized.

Her udders are already bruised and abused and she is dripping her filthy cunt juice down her legs. And then we begin a little experiment: which is more painful, the electric cattle prod or the electric dog shock collar? The whore is tortured with both, with ever increasing power until she is screaming and whimpering and in agony.

But then something else happens, she starts begging to cum That’s right, during all this torture the fuckhole actually begs to have an orgasm; she is given permission to  cum just to see how low she can go. And then she begs for another orgasm and she is masturbated with an old broom handle. What a piece of shit.

Enjoy watching her humilation and degradation, she is really just a worthless set of holes and a pair of tits.