Cupcake SinClair Punished Gimp

Gimped, we all know what that means. It is when a person is turned into something less than. Gimps are hooded, bound, caged or boxed. It is also an overt manifestation of utter and total servitude.

A gimp is ignored, usually isolate, until someone superior wants to use the gimp. Then they are led, still unable to see, to wherever the use will happen. When the superior is finished with the gimp, they are put back, or simply left bound.

They are a gimp, after all, and their “needs” or feelings or, really, anything about them is simply immaterial. It is not so much they are there to serve, as they exist only when someone has a use for them. Aside from that, they are essentially invisible.

They are nothing when not being used.

That is the state Cupcake SinClair finds herself in. She is a gimp in HELL! and today her use is actually punishment. BrutalMaster beats her with a cane, among other things. We can’t even remember the reason, it just is. Just as a Cupcake SinClair just is while being beaten, tortured, and humiliated until she becomes nothing again.