Elle BullWhip HELL!

Elle has been to HELL! before of course. You know her as a piece-of-shit cunthole who craves abuse almost as much as she craves attention. To a pig like Elle, ANY attention is good attention even if it is incredibly painful, demeaning, degrading, are humiliating. Of course, we manage to hit all those themes and much more in this dungeon episode.

The cunt starts out in a dog house, where she is yanked out by her hair and pulled across the floor, Then she is painfully bound and strung up by her hair for the main event, her whore body being bullwhipped.

As you can imagine with the fuckhole, there is lots of screaming, crying, whimpering, tears, snot and noise coming from the bitch. This is what a pig deserves, and Elle certainly qualifies as a pig.