Feet To Fire

The reality that slave lucy is a pain pig, below to satisfy vicious prompts. This slave is in high protocol rigorous DEBRISx type training. Allow’s see how Master Jame’s new TrannyPig slave Lucy (SLRN # 142-692-341) handles some severe foot torment. The jagged as well as ruthless steel is cozy to her touch as the two candles melt in wait for her suffering. slave Lucy steps into hell. The temperature level climbs and also increases. She should withstand this discomfort without doubt or reluctance. Master James shows up the warmth, tormenting the worthless creature with candle lights; trickling wax around each delicate foot, before placing the candles out versus it’s flesh. Will the pig make it? 24 more days of her consideration to see if it has what it takes to server a real Master, as residential or commercial property.