Filth Hot Cross Cunt

Filth in HELL! on the “Hot Cross,” it was very warm in the barn that day, but that was really the least of this pig’s worries. To say that her huge udders were utterly destroyed would be an understatement. And that was really only the beginning of the agony for this piece of shit.

A few things you should know about Filth: she is never allowed to orgasm, and her cunt has been rendered essentially useless. She stays naked or “dressed” as told almost all the time. Her huge tits flop around untethered when she is allowed to go out and she is never allowed panties.

In terms of pain, she is a masochistic piece of meat who craves the most extreme punishment which she readily admits she deserves. Her primary purpose on Earth is licking dirty assholes to clean them and she is a human urinal.

So you can understand that after working over her udders until they looked like a pair of eggplants bolted to her chest, then BrutalMaster went to work on her cunt with a whip because for this bitch, there is never enough pain. Never.