Filth Slave Meat

This is what Filth wrote to BrutalMaster after making this video.

Filth, in its own words:

Humping furniture, practicing face fucking with a banana and drinking its piss out of “filths” bucket otherwise knows as the toilet is a piece of cake for this fuckhole. In fact it enjoys servicing its other “boyfriend” the chaise. This pig enjoys being used even if its remotely. This is filths purpose to suffer and be used.

But seriously who would deliver a total of 122 strikes on itself?

This piece of meat would because this cunt mentioned it was thirsty for pain and blood. Master obliged and ordered it to deliver 50 strikes on each udder and each thigh.

Self confessing on camera and privately to Master that it lost focus only to be told to deliver 10 more. it deserved it and has learned its lesson.

Screaming, sobbing, endorphin high all possible by following orders and knowing the entertainment of this pigs self inflicted punishment would be amusing to all of you. Especially as you the viewers get off to its pain.

This pig was thirsty and the only option was to drink its own piss from the toilet otherwise known as “filths bucket” It was delicious.

Such a piece of meat all around and a self confessed masochist, pig, cunt and slave who would do anything to bring entertainment to yo