Graias – Amelie -Renting a Slave Amelie Part 1



In return for a certain amount of money an adventurous girl sells herself to me for sixty minutes. It is forbidden to cause severe or permanent injury. The slave is allowed to ask for a three-minute break up the three times. At such times the timer will be stopped. In case the slave gives the game up for good, she won’t be paid any money. Amelie is a cheerful girl, who is a newbie. She didn’t think about my offer for long. It seemed to me that she liked the situation. It was visible that she was surprised by the pain caused by the crocodile clips and the rattan cane but she pulled herself together and got over the first thirty minutes somehow. A cucking stool and being restrained causes Amelie panic. She doesn’t know how seriously she should take me burning her cunt. The odor of burning and the burning agony make her realize that she should take it very seriously. That and the pain caused by the whip are literally eating up her enthusiasm. Nowadays it is very rare when we can witness