Graias – Amilie – part 1 -Paying for her dishonesty

Amelie is a little liar, who is trying to cheat Dr Lomp. When she applied to take a role in Graias Studio, she said that she needs money for her old grandmother, who is out of her medicines. Alas, Dr Lomp is never a fool, thus before listening to lies, he has made his own investigation and has realized that this young liar has a boyfriend in debt, and Amelie is after the money for her lover. Thus, now Dr Lomp has a solid reason to punish the youngster. When she figures out that her lie is revealed and she will be punished harshly, Amelie tries to quit the game, alas, the iron door of the dungeon is locked for her. Now watch and see yourself how the experienced master will make Amelie cry out for her lie.