Harley Ace Prison Strap

Harley Ace is intruduced to our old friend, the Louisiana Prison Strap. But, of course, this is HELL! so there is always a twist. The cunt, who admits she is about the lowest piece of meat we have ever seen in HELL!, is strung up wearing her purple slut “fuck-me” pumps with brand new clover clamps punishing her pathetic nipples. Her titmeat is whipped and then the strap goes to work on her whore ass.

Just take a look at her face, you can see the pain and agony there. She is sobbing, crying, her nose running, completely destroyed and at the end of it all she admits this is exactly what she needs and deserves because she knows what a piece of shit she really is. This is Harley Ace. This is punishment. This is HELL!