Horizontal Suzy

Another chapter in Perverting Innocence with sub-Suzy in training to become a sex slave. Master James is very skilled at turning these girls out to become masochist sex slave dolls, trained to please others by receiving pain and pleasure. Trained to be obedient in service to a worthy BDSM Master. In this session in training, Master James has Suzy in a steel neck restraint fastened to the old rustic interrogation table with steel wrist and knee restraints to prevent Suzy from wiggling as he administers the Horrible Horizontal Organisms that have young Suzy screaming in pain and pleasure. A fascinating scene just watching her innocence ebb away as Suzy becomes more knowledgeable in submitting to almost any possible perverted Master as her training continues. The first training session with Suzy (Conditioning Suzy) started with her handcuffed to a dirty seat-less chair still clothed from being nabbed about an hour before while walking alone at night in the dark by herself. The second training session with Suzy (slave Training Suzy) started with Suzy putting on her restraints then Master James shows her how to be placed in the suspended bar device and restraints. She is so naive that she blindly follows the directions given to her without hesitation. she is then mouth bar gagged then groped, stripped half naked then shown the cane. She is a natural masochist when receiving cane strikes She does so well Master James approves by rubbing his cock on her and then letting her have a couple of orgasms with her mom’s vibrator placed in he tight white panties snug to her wet young pussy. She dances in excitement and begs Master James to stop the pleasure.