Hybristophilia – The Gallery episode 3

Bella Rossi visits the farm and is instructed in electrical torments. She strips to lingerie and is gagged. Her subject is crammed into a small hanging cage and readied with the head yoked between the cage bars, the jaw stretched wide to avoid touching a large wired dildo locked in her mouth, at the other end an electric butt rod is buried deep in her asshole to complete the circuit. Thus, we delight watching Bella, a blossoming sadist, terrorize the caged cunt.
Hazel is shocked by Bella as she drools and cries. Bella uses a vibrator to bring her to orgasm.
Next Hazel is naked bound to a stand on her knees. She wears a hood on her head. PD fucks her doggy, removes her hood and inserts an anal hook in her ass. He attaches to her hair with a chain forcing her to hold her head back and ass in the air.