Introducing Fairy Update

Cute punky teen Fairy starts her training with Christian Red, and is thrown in at the deep end, as he introduces himself with a wooden baseball bat. Her hands are tied, as he pounds her body with the bat and fists, all the while gently re-assuring her that she is a good girl. He strips her out of her pretty pink lingerie, and rams fingers down her throat to test her gag reflex.

Arms bound tight to her body, rope pulls her leg high above her, her other ankle attached to the floor, stretching out her cunt for the world to inspect. The wooden club, returns, pounding the delicate exposed inside thighs.

Both legs hauled high, she is painfully suspended, and spun helplessly in the air, as the tears begin to fall. As she cries, she is lowered to the floor, and might think her ordeal is at an end, but Christian takes the opportunity to burn her tenderized legs with searing hot candle wax. Finally released from the tight bonds, she is tied, kneeling painfully, to a ring in the floor, and left to sob quietly to herself, finally.