Kitty Bent Over Backwards

New Meat in HELL! Kitty is new to HELL! Brand new, but she knows what to expect in HELL! because her cousin is Wednesday — in fact, it was Wednesday who introduced this bitch to BrutalMaster. In this session, the new slut literally bends over backwards to suffer for your amusement.

She is all of 100 pounds and she can contort her slutty little body into the most interesting shapes, including backwards over a pole so her cuntmeat is available for inspection and punishment. Once chanied into that position, there is not much she can do to protect herself, but this bitch is fiesty and she thrashed and moaned and whimpered, trying to prefent clamps from being put on her little tits. It didn’t help.

The bitch was gagged the entire time, so BrutalMaster allowed her to grunt once for yes when asked a question, the whore turned it into a gutteral cat sound, even more dehumanizing.

This is a masochistic little piece of meat and you will be seeing a lot more of her in HELL! coming up. In the meantime, enjoy her bendy acrobatics as she suffers, bent over backwards.

Welcome to HELL!, Kitty.