Lilah Rose Milked

Lilah Rose is back in HELL! for a Weekend of Agony, a non-stop series of agonies, tortures, punishments, degradations, and humiliations. In this first installment the cunthole is in the stockes and her udders are milked — a first for her. Her pain-bags actually began leaking a small amount of milk from her whore-nipples. She started out with Italian Agony Clamps on her nipples, but the suction of the milking machine soon pulled them off, as the bitch began to moan.

As her torture continued, including a bullwhipping, Lilah Rose became, well, horny. The slut drips even from the most intense agony and this was no exception. Her cunthole became drenched until she was allowed to cum. As always, she gushed her juices all over the floor. This time, however, rather than being allowed to clean up with a towel, the meat was required to lick her own cum up off the floor, just like the pig she is. Lilah Rose, Weekend of Agony…Part 1, Milked Bitch.