Lilah Rose Stitched Up Cunt

Lilah Rose is really pretty remarkable, we have learned she can orgasm and squirt even with her worthless cunt hole stitched up. Think about that, it is actually quite amazing. Let’s back up a bit, in this session, the pig is strung up. She admits she knows what is going to happen, Brutal Master is going to shove a vibrator up her fuck hole and then sew it shut, stitch it right up.

Almost immediately the little cum slut begins to shake and vibrate, trying to fight off a looming orgasm because she does not have permission to cum, a hard and fast rule in HELL! Eventually, of course, she begs to cum. She is given permission, and then she can’t stop cumming.

Her tits are punished, beaten and clamped, and even her cunt is beaten. Through it all she is writhing like a whore in heat. With the click of switchblade knife, the stitches holding her bleeding hole closed are cut and out comes the vibrator and with it a gush all captured on camera. The bitch is reminded how disgusting she is and as she is taken down and begins to cry, she is forced to lick up the mess she made on the floor.

So, as you can see, this piece has a little of everything, pain, degradation, humiliation, forced orgasm, and a slut who knows exactly what she deserves.