Linked Anomaly

This bondage predicament video “Linked Anomaly” celebrates BDSM in the idea that we as kinksters are perverts living for the moment in a society that shuns us.

Under the direction of Master James, slave Abigail attaches herself to the large draped chain arching over her head. Each end is looped through the steel collar, chastity device, thigh restraints than a tie-down fattened to the floor. Each end of this heavy chain is finally shackled to each booted leg causing her to spread her legs further apart as she struggles.

In this painful predicament, she moans and groans beautifully as she fights many pains struggling to stay vertical. But the more she struggles, the more it becomes painful, and her feet spread further apart. No escape for this slave as she calls mercy shortly after the pounding from the flogger of the half dozen roses.

BDSM is an oddity that attracts the intellectual, a welcome distraction from the mainstream system and the attached meaningless pressures. This subsystem consisting of Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism also attracts the perverted, the free thinker, and the adventurer. We need to feel alive and live in the moment. We are risk-takers and honest about what we enjoy either openly or behind closed doors. BDSM is a journey and then the destination.

See the interview at the end slave Abigail Dupree explains this simple but very effective session of torment in sadomasochism.