Lita Pig Humilates Herself

Lita is a whore and piece of meat, we have established that many times. But this may be a new low for even a lowly cunt like Lita.

She snuck out of the house and abused herself, mouse traps on her tits, clothes pins on her cunt lips, she punished herself with a rod and even used electricity on herself.

But the real dive to depravity was when she pushed her legs and ass against a wall so she could piss directly into her own mouth. That’s right, she just used her own face fuckhole for a urinal. After that she filled up her dog bowl with her own piss, lapped it up, and then poured it all over herself.

They she went back to painfully abusing herself.

She did all this to show BrutalMaster what a piece of shit she is.

She is showing you, too.

Lita, nothing is too low for her.