Orgasm Training -Extreme Productions

The orgasms will be unending. Each time you cum another orgasm is immediately building up inside of you. It’s too much. It’s too intense. But it doesn’t matter. Master doesn’t care, the mallet doesn’t care and the dick on the stick doesn’t care. Master is in charge of this roller coaster ride of painful pleasures.

You are just a tool that Master prepares for His own pleasure. The orgasms are unending. He am making you submit to it as part of your training, your submission to Him. You are not in control. No relief is coming. The shaft pumps in and out of your cunt again and again. It brings a symphony of pleasure that completely overwhelms you. It pushes right against your g-spot again and again with a relentless consistency.

You feel another crescendo building. You jerk and twist as the pleasure overloads every muscle in your body. You gasp and yell. You arch your back and try to get away from the intense stimulation. You obey as Master scolds you for moving until your limp and helplessly. Your eyes communicate your defeat and surrender. Then the pain from the cane as your ordered to to masturbate, edge without cumming. The cane hurts so bad but your orgasms are close.

Master moves away. You feel perfectly satisfied, unable to feel the floor as you float in the air above it. Your worries that you maybe ruined but you feel ready to sleep, unable to move. Your eyelids grow heavy. Your ready to pass onto the next world.

Now your ready for Master. He wants you