Pig Bitch Dog House

The dreaded dog house torture. This is actual agony for the most masochistic cunts in HELL! The bitch’s cunt sits on the top of the old dog house, but to dramatically increase the whore’s pain, the top is covered in actual shingles, coursly scraping the pig’s cunt while the pain in her back and thighs grows and grows. In this case, Slave Pig also has weights attached to the irons on her ankles. But just being on the dog house is not enough, Pig is also beaten, especially on her cunt and worthless tits, which are held in place by irons as well. This is the extreme torture in HELL! you expect and love, this is the agony Slave Pig deserves and his is here for your amusement. Slave Pig is a Bitch on the Dog House.