Pig Mistress K

This is without a doubt one of the most cruel and degrading sessions ever for a bitch in HELL! Slave Pig is a masochistic piece of shit, and she was taken to extreme degradation and punishment by Mistress K. The cunt starts out by cleaning a filthy dildo with her mouth. After that, the dildo is rammed up her asshole and tied in place. Then the whore is strung up and the beating begins. It takes a long time. To increase her punishent and agony, huge clamps are added to her worthless titmeat. All the while Slave Pig is wimpering and moaning. She is forced to grunt to communicate, just like the animal she is.

Eventually, the cunt grunts for mercy and even at that, there is more degradation. But there is a twist coming, and you will see it next month when Mistress K is reduced to a toilet licking whore who is forced to crawl and beg –in the most humiliating session ever in HELL! Remember that when you see her working over Slave Pig, because in HELL! bitches are used, regardless of who they are.