Pig The Works

Intense, cruel, extreme –those are just a few of the words that describe this most brutal session. Slave Pig is a masochist, nothing more. She literally craves the most insane abuse, degradation and torture and that is what happens here. The bitch brought her Master a tit press that she made herself. But this tit press has a twist, long nails that will puncture her worthless meat bags while crushing them as well. Blood drips down her legs from the nails but her torture is just beginning.

The whore is beaten with everything from a quirt to a bull whip, leaving her whimpering and moaning. Then the torture she dreads the most, the cattle prod us used on her cunt, but that is only to see how much she moves because there is something even more intense coming next — the bitch is branded on her cunt to show she is taken. This is what HELL! is all about.