Rusty Nails Toes A La Carte

The natural fear of life and limb has long been a keen tool used for interrogation purposes. Here Master James uses the simple hammer and nails to get this girl squealing pretty as he pounds them into the wood between the little toes and around her bare feet.

From fear to laughter to fear again, that is the game played here today. slave abigail has been fitted into wooden stocks and the branks head gear. She is restrained in a steel and wooden chair device leaving her trustful and vulnerable to the cane, pokes, agonizing tickles and cruel torment. But what really got her going was the inability to see what Master was doing to her toes and feet, using the large, rusty nails one by one from the basket, pounding them between her toes and then tying them down with sisal. She is sweating, powerlessly yelping just hoping Master exhibits good aim at hitting the nail on the head.