Sack Full Of Pain

Sensual Cruelty would best describe this training session with slave subject 779. This sex slave is required by her Master to learn how to process outrageous cruelty from others on the road to becoming a better, more educated sex slave for further purposes yet unknown to her. Master James is the entrusted instructor today, wasting no time He binds her to a steel seatless chair, alone and isolated in the dim light. The dirty canvas sack is strapped to her tight and close. The old sweaty smelling mail sack completely covers her upper body, enclosing her head, arms and waist only her naked bruised legs are exposed. This leaves her unable to see the nasties that Master James implements to trigger her masochistic fears. Her ankles are helplessly shacked to the steel chair legs with leather and steel. Master James engineers and applies odd implements of pain that not normally seen like the nipple clamp string tension re-tractors, needle ball and the seatless chair for maximum exposure of the tender bits, setting the stage for a terrifying day in training for sex slave 779 at the Sensual Pain Studio Dungeon.