Sharp Seduction


Sharp Seduction – A Sensual Pain Studios laudatory motion picture. Master James really loves to keep me on my toes and apparently, I like to keep Him busy by being an observant slave. But just as I think I have predicted his next move, he throws me off completely and reminds me of my place. He had me get all dressed up from head to toe right before I was due to start my evening of work on camera… High heels, nude stockings, garters, dress and make-up. He called me in to the dungeon and waiting for me under the gallows was a pole affixed with steel wrist shackles, neck shackle and a girthy black dildo standing erectly at a height that left nothing to question about where it was to be locked into place. This is where my mouth got me in trouble… after getting me properly restrained I made a comment about the discomfort of my left shoulder muscle… he slowly and methodically took me out of all of the shackles and told me to get to work and that he was done with me for the night and that we will be meeting in the morning at 10am sharp after a 10 hour shift of working through the night. Exhausted and still feeling the disappointment, I showered and began to get all dressed again for my morning inspection at 10am, exactly the way he had me the night before. Humbled I came to my Master and lovingly he toyed with my mind and body as he kissed my flesh with the blade of a knife.