Slave Eryn Rose – Restriction

Slim, beautiful eryn rose is told to meet Christian Red, naked in the dungeon. Collared, shaven and hair cropped short, she waits quietly until he arrives, wielding a huge bamboo pole. She is ordered to stand still, hands in the air, and obediently submit to a vicious beating with the heavy pole. Her face betrays the pain, but her quivering muscles and nerve hold, even when he drops the pole and continues to rail upon her with slaps and punches.

Thrown to her knees, she is tightly bound in an agonizing strappado, as the pole once more batters her helpless flesh. Christian ties the pole to her stomach, and uses it to hoist her into the air, her whole bodyweight crushing down on the pole, and her wrenched back arms. Her feet are tightly bound and hauled to the ceiling, concentrating all of her weight on the pole in her belly, until her arms are finally released, dropping her head down, to hang from her feet, the rope still biting viciously into her skinny waist.

Finally lowered to the floor, she is made to kneel in a kowtow, her guts still crushed by the bamboo, which is repeatedly and brutally pulled back into her flesh. Pushed over, her head is bound to her knees, keeping her in a fetal curl, as he batters her legs with a metal rod, and crushes her muscles under his fists, until her tears are flowing freely. But even this is not enough restriction for Christian’s purposes, and her face is tightly bound, robbing her even of expression, as her body is further crushed beneath his fists and feet, before she is left to cry alone, still helplessly and agonizingly restrained by the cramping ropes.