Slave Masie – Introducing Masie Dee

Masie Dee, who played Daisy in HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series, finally joins us after nearly a decade of asking to be a Slave. The bubbly blonde is soon left in no doubt that this is not just another acting job as she is summarily stripped and inspected, and Magick finds her wanting. Having put on a few pounds since we saw her on our TV screens, she is taken through a cruel and rigorous exercise routine, as he encourages her with slaps and whips, and points out her shortcomings without mercy. She is driven to the point of exhaustion as he derides and berates her for letting herself go. Her unshaven cunt is another point on contention as her pubic hair is cruelly pulled and twisted. Admitting she has let us down, she is instructed to hit herself as she apologizes and acknowledges her failings.

Told to label herself with a sharpie, her inability to spell leads to further derision and humiliation. She is made to masturbate as she is insulted, slapped, whipped and forced to admit what a loser she is. Weights are hung from clamps attached to her cunt lips, and she is made to swing them as she apologizes for her failings, until he is sick of her voice, and gags her while he beats her to tears.

Made to kneel, her nipples are stung with nettles, and the biting leaves are attached to her burning skin with suction cups. Labeled as a reject, she is made to masturbate to orgasm, under threat of electric shocks, as she contemplates her complete degradation. Finally, the sobbing girl is washed down in a bath of freezing water and ice, gasping against the cold for air, between heart-rending sobs as the last of her self respect drains away forever.