Slave Position Belly Down

This new slave has a dominant streak in her, very strong willed but determined! All very needed good chattel traits for an aggressive alpha Master. It takes a heavy hand from a knowledgeable handler for her to even whisper the respectful ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘Master thank you’ when addressed. But she was lined up and very responsive just proper for Master James and a tough masochist at that. As Master James shows, every bottom has different triggers that make them respond the way he wants them to, as you can plainly see in this video.

This slave position is a challenge for the bottom, though easy to hold for a length of time, extended torments for both sadists tops and masochists bottoms. This situation is very exposing and hard for the bottom to see what is coming next. Will it be pain or pleasure, or will it be both.. slave Louise Miss Fortune did a fine job for her first ever shoot with a handler at this level of buggery and deserves a round of applause in her servitude.. Let us see if she can handle the next slave position in ‘slave Position Belly Up’.