Slaven Exploited

Master wants to fuck me; exploit me for all that i am worth. He wants to see me exposed for his pleasure. Legs up and spread, pussy forward, arms behind my back in irons, gagged and restrained with steel and wood. This excites him. i can tell by the large bulge in his pants as he methodically puts me in restraints. Master shoves a dirty wooden block in my mouth and secures it with an impossibly scratchy rope. He puts all sorts of things in my mouth all the time because he likes to see my mouth opened and gagging. Master instructed me to insert a large pink anal plug to make sure my asshole was stretched and open for his cock just in case he wanted to use my alternate fuckhole. In complete submission, i am then whipped, caned and fucked for over an hour. Mmm, to feel Masters cock sliding in and out of my spread pussy was such a treat. i welcomed him with moans escaping my gagged lips. my legs were cramping so badly that i thought i was not going to last as long as Master wanted to use me. Tell me what you would do to me, how you would exploit this slaven if Master chose for you to have your way with do as you wish.