Stuck In A Chair.mp4

Filmed on location during Greyhounds trip to DomCon 2019, this fun little streams sees your favorite creature getting teased and tormented by the delightfully wicked Mistress Alice! After getting strapped tightly into a leather chair, a helpless Greyhound soon finds herself gagged and head harnessed, with no way to escape she has her worthless pussy teased with a vibrator while it’s locked tightly behind her chastity belt then the wicked Mistress Alice soon adds a little torment to the mix courtesy of a devious 5 blade Wartenberg wheel! After tormenting Greyhound by slowly rolling the sharp spikes across her worthless pussy and clit, Mistress Alice decides that Greyhound has earned a little pleasure and fucks her worthless pussy with a dildo then vibes her to orgasm before locking her back into her chastity belt in this great stream!

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