The Deal

Sometimes in HELL! a bitch can only take so much, which is pretty much a meaningless thing. In other words, we don’t care how much the cunt is suffering, she is going to take whatever we want and that’s the way it is. After all, no cunt is forced to come to HELL! Each of these whores come on their own. But once in a while it is fun to let the fuckhole barter a bit and that is exactly what Slave Wench did. The piece of meat agreed to actually hold her udders up for punishment, even abusing her own nipples, just so her arms would be taken out of the cuffs stringing her up. The cunthole whimpers and begs throughout this ordeal but, like we said, sometimes it is fun to see how low a pig like Slave Wench will actually go in facilitating her own abuse, punishment, humiliation and torture.