The Pig Whipping Vicious

That is the name of this whipping. vicious, brutal, ferocious, savage, violent, ruthless, just some of the words that could also be used to describe what happened to The Pig in the barn. Torture would be another word. Still another way to put it, exactly what this cunt needs.

It has been a while since The Pig has truly suffered as she needs to. We all know she is a piece of shit and she readily admits she deserves every stroke, lash, weal, and welt.

Of course, for this cuntmeat, nothing is ever enough.

To further its humiliation, if it can even be humiliated, this sub-human hole cleaned the loft on her hands and knees, and filthy does not even begin to describe the condition of the floor. She was miserably filthy even before we began her abuse and then things got much worse.

The Pig is a suffering piece of shit and VISCOUS is the only way to treat it.