Torture_Bondage Ballerina

The Symbian is every girl’s best friend. Or at least it is until they are strapped down to one with no place to go. Then, as Sarah Jane Ceylon is finding out, the vibration can become a bit much. The first few orgasms come quickly and easily. She screams and moans while they tear through her body. We’ve attached castration bands to her nipples, rubber rings so tight that they cut off all circulation. She is humiliated by the words we’ve written on her, but with so much stimulation she hardly has time to worry about it. It isn’t long before she is literally begging for the fun to be over.
And after the intensity of the Symbian, Sarah Jane thinks she may finally be done, but she has got a reality check coming. We have whips and canes and a desire to hear her scream some more. She can try to keep the sound down, thinking maybe we’ll get bored, but we’re going to keep going until we get the genuine reaction that we want.