Two at a time Pt 1


PD has got two girls at the farm. As one dresses upstairs, the other one is downstairs in restraints and a chastity belt, preparing his breakfast. As PD eats, MadiSin sits beside him, her arms locked behind her. Bronte sucks his cock beneath the table. PD smears food on MadiSin’s face. Then he fucks Bronte as she licks MadiSin’s face clean.

Bronte drags MadiSin into the barn and locks her into the carvet, taking a luscious taste of MadiSin’s clit. PD bags MadiSin’s head, asking if Bronte played with her. MadiSin denies it. Later, Bronte returns with another bowl of breakfast. She orders madisin to eat it all, everything. Otherwise it’s my ass and feet, bronte says. But MadiSin can’t get it down. So Bronte has to get rough, caning MadiSin. In frustration, Bronte eats a few bites to help MadiSin empty the bowl.

She ate everything? PD asks. Bronte assures him that she did. So PD straps a dildo on Bronte’s face, making her fuck MadiSin. After MadiSin comes, Bronte sucks PD’s cock through the glory hole of a metal box. But once PD leaves, Bronte begs MadiSin – if he asks, don’t ever tell him I ate any of it. It will be really bad if he finds out.

I promise, MadiSin assures Bronte. Don’t worry.

And she smiles. . .