Wednesday Asmodeus Bites

First a point of clarification. When we say “Asmodeus Bites” we are referring to the whip Wednesday made for BrutalMaster called Asmodeus. It is, without a doubt, the most vicious whip ever used in HELL!

And when we say it “Bites” we mean it bites into Wednesday’s soft back flesh as she kneels on the prayer bench. It bites in the sense of torture, punishment, biblical atonement. In fact, this appears very biblical, perhaps Wednesday is a witch getting what she deserves.

After all, the cunt is on a prayer bench, and it is very likely she is praying for the agony to end. But in all honesty, we don’t care if the bitch is praying. This is HELL! and god’s authority does not extend here.

This is about abuse,. degradation, humiliation, and suffering, not for her sins but for the amusement of everyone else. Wednesday comes to HELL! because she knows what she deserves, needs, and is going to get.

It is going to bite.