Wednesday She Made The Canes For Her Own Torture

Wednesday claims she is not a real masochist. She says pain does not excite her. She maintains she hates it more than anything.

But we have to ask why?

Why does she actually make whips, crops, and other instruments of torture and bring them to HELL! knowing full well BrutalMaster is going to use them on her, and use them harshly?

Why does the cunt literally drip from her filthy hole when she is being tortured, to the extent that there are bubbles of bitch juice pouring out of her painhole?

Why, if she hates it so much, does she come to HELL! where her only purpose is to suffer?

The answers are simple, Wednesday is a whore, a cunt, who needs (that’s right, needs) to suffer. She understands she deserves punishment because she is such a little piece of meat.

As a little side note, Wednesday said she loves knowing these agony producing canes and whips are also used on other cunts in HELL! because that is what they deserve.

She made these canes and they were used to brutalize her …exactly as she knew they would.