Wednesday Welcome To HELL

Wednesday –that is what we call this cunt, mostly because she sort of reminds us of Wednesday Addams, except she is more morbid. She is also a piece of meat. This is her first visit to HELL!, and her first time being photographed and filmed while suffering like the pig she is. She is also tiny, 5 feet 5 inches and less than a hundred pounds. She admits she needs to suffer, deserves it and knows that is what she is good for. She is masochistic meat and HELL! is the only real place for her. In the weeks and months ahead, you will watch as she is broken down even further.

One disclaimer, watching this meat may be disturbing to some because she admits to hating herself and reaches a level of humiliation that is intense, even for HELL! –so be warned. On the other hand, the cunt suffers in a very entertaining way. She is here to amuse you, and suffer the punishment she so richly deserves. Welcome to HELL! Wednesday!