Wednesday Witches Suffer

It has been a while since Wednesday has been to HELL! for the punishment she so deserves. But now she is back and suffering like the little bitch she is. Wednesday is best described as a waif, tiny, slender, and very much in need of discipline.

Wednesday considers herself a witch, and even though this is HELL!, witches still suffer here. This bitch knows that, and that is why she is here.

She understands her own needs, which is why she returned to HELL! with all sorts of incredibly vicious tools she actually made herself. There were a variety of whips (one of which is more brutal than any we have seen here in the depths of the dungeon), riding crops that rival the best made, and other little gadgets of suffering. Of course, there is no way this cunt would not know these implements of torture were all going to be used on her soft flesh.

In this session, the whore is chained to a metal table and beaten with two of her own canes which leave delightful welts. She wears a cruel face covering which is incredibly dehumanizing, and ultimately she is tortured with electricity all the while, her cunt is getting wetter and wetter while she struggles against her chains.

The sounds her twisting and writhing alone are wonderful, add to that her screaming and whimpering and you know why we call this HELL!