Whisper Thorn Gagged Pig Bitch

hot at the BondageLife Ranch, Whisper Thorn is destroyed by Mistress Lita Lecherous — yes, Lita can be an absolute bitch, especially to other bitches, and she proves that by her torture and utter degradation of Whisper.
As BrutalMaster and Dart-Tech look on, Lita does all the work beating Whisper and then gagging the bitch to the point of puking with a big strap on cock.
During all this Greyhound is exactly where she should be, in a cage watching (and perhaps waiting her turn for a bit of attention later).
This is an intense session that is a bit out of the ordinary for us, but extreme, painful, and intensely degrading for Whisper Thorn. But, let’s fact it, Whisper deserves this sort of treatment. She had already been used as a urinal earlier in the day, and she made it cleat that she should be treated as a worthless bitch during all her time at The Ranch, so it seems perfectly natural that another bitch should work her over.
After it was over, Whisper admitted that this is exactly how she needs to be treated, like a worthless pig.
Whisper Thorn is a Gagged Pig Bitch.